Reza Rahadian and Tara Basro as a demonic couple in HBO Asia's fantasy series 'Halfworlds.' (Photo courtesy of HBO Asia)

Reza Rahadian Defies Typecast With Roles in Fantasy and Comedy


NOVEMBER 22, 2015

Jakarta. Award-winning actor Reza Rahadian may be best known for playing heroic leads in biopics such as "Tjokroaminoto" and "Habibie & Ainun," but he has recently defied typecast and gone for different personalities in his performances.

In Joko Anwar's television debut "Halfworlds," which premieres on HBO Asia next weekend, Reza plays a villain for the first time as Tony, the most powerful demon known as genderuwo in Indonesian folklore. In an interview during the filming at a studio in Batam in June, Reza said he was excited to take part in the eight-part dark fantasy series as it was something new for him.

"It is a very dynamic character," he said. "Tony is actually a pleasant person, but he has his own ways of thinking,"

In the second episode of "Halfworlds," Reza changes appearances from goofy into devious as his character tricks a human into his blood-hunting game with his eternal soulmate, Ros, played by Tara Basro. In one frame, Tony appears as a nervous nerd trying to buy a beautiful girl a drink at the bar. The girl at the bar is obviously Ros, who chats him up while waiting for the next guy to come in and take over.

Reza is now working on a new comedy flick, "My Stupid Boss," by Upi Avianto. He will be playing the title character. Speaking at the gala premiere of "Nay" in Jakarta on Wednesday, Reza kept details about the new film under wraps, but said his co-star would be Bunga Citra Lestari, who starred with him in "Habibie & Ainun."

"I am easily bored and I dislike labels, I don't like it when people say I only play in romance movies," said Reza, who is currently in the running for a Citra award as best leading actor for his roles in both "Tjokroaminoto" and "Kapan Kawin."

Soon after, Reza will return to drama in "Kartini" by Hanung Bramantyo, co-starring Dian Sastrowardoyo in the title role.

"Halfworlds" premieres on HBO Asia on Sunday, Nov. 29, at 9 p.m. Jakarta time.

"My Stupid Boss" is set for release in cinemas by the end of this year.

"Kartini" is scheduled for release in April next year.