A waitress is making a bowl of salad at SaladStop!. (Photo courtesy of SaladStop!)

SaladStop! Offers Fresh Produce of the Land


DECEMBER 04, 2016

Jakarta. Healthy-living is the fad these days. As people are grow more concerned with their wellbeing, they are more willing to go the extra mile to work out, destress and eat better. And that's why gyms, retreats and healthy restaurants are today's popular hang-outs.

SaladStop!, one of Asia's popular healthy restaurants, has recently opened their first outlet in Indonesia. Located in Senayan City shopping mall, South Jakarta, the new restaurant in October has quickly become the new talk of the town and a favorite haunt for the health-conscious.

On Thursday (01/12), the Jakarta Globe was invited to sample some of their fresh offerings.

"This is the perfect time for SaladStop! to greet Indonesians who are getting conscious of what they consume," said Adrien Desbaillets, managing director of SaladStop!. "It's the dining destination and lifestyle choice for people that appreciate the importance of responsible daily intakes and work towards the betterment of selves."

The Swiss-born Singapore-based entrepreneur started the restaurant with his father, Daniel, in Singapore, in 2009. Today, the restaurant has 25 outlets in Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia.

Their 94-sqm outlet on the lower ground floor of Senayan City is designed like a canteen with neat rows of wooden tables, chairs and a long glass counter that showcases fresh fruits and vegetables of the day.

"All of our ingredients are sourced locally to ensure their freshness," said Willy Anthony, public relations representative of the restaurant. "Most of our vegetables come from a farm in Rancamaya [Bogor, West Java]."

At the counter, guests may choose to create their own salads or pick one of their 12 signature salads.

"So far, the best selling one is our Hail Caesar [Caesar Salad]," said Willy.

Our Caesar Salad was neatly tucked within a tortilla wrap, cut in half. It was a delightful bundle of juicy romaine, crisp croutons and eggs marinated in rich, savory dressing.

Our next salad, the Summer Fling, is a combination of carbs, fruits, vegetables and protein. The salad, which comes in a big bowl, consists of kale, romaine, grapes, corns, pomelo, seared tofu and brown rice, doused in sesame lime dressing.

The salad is quite filling with its generous portion.

"You see, salads can also be filling at SaladStop!," said Willy, with a smile.

But for those, who really want a real power meal should choose a superfood bowl. These dishes are so packed with vitamin, minerals and fibers that they will immediately get you going, without that uncomfortable bloating and lethargy that comes after heavy meals.

The restaurant also serves smoothies, cold-pressed juices and Greek yogurts.

SaladStop! plans to open another outlet in a mall in Central Jakarta in February next year.

"We're very excited to see the blossoming future of the brand in the country," said Adrien Desbaillets, managing director of the restaurant.