Sasa collaborates with Indonesian pop band HIVI! on "Sasa to The World". (Photo Courtesy of Sasa)

Sasa, HIVI! Drop New Song to Spice Up Mood Amid Pandemic


MARCH 17, 2021

Jakarta. Indonesian seasoning company Sasa Inti recently released a song to spread optimism across the globe amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The song titled "Sasa to The World" was in collaboration with HIVI!, a pop quartet and a household name in the Indonesian pop scene. Sasa had only released the music video on their official Youtube channel last week, and as of Wednesday, it has amassed up to 7.1 million views.

"Nikmati, nikmati saja karena semua kan indah pada waktunya. (Let's just enjoy the moment because better days will come)," HiVi! sings in the chorus.

For international viewers, Sasa adds subtitles onto the video in various languages ranging from English, Korean to German. The music video also shows scenes of people worldwide — dressed in their traditional attire — cooking with Sasa products.

Sasa Inti chairman Rudolf Tjandra said the company hopes to foster optimism during these difficult times.

"Sasa is about happiness, about hope. The pandemic has taken some of that happiness away, and hope is turning into surrender. We believe human beings are resilient, resourceful, and able to beat all odds. If only we do it together across nationalities, genders, races, religions. We can beat this," he wrote in an official statement.

According to Rudolf, Sasa will continue to improve its products with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals — which still maintain their contents despite having passed the cooking process — for both Indonesia and the world.

"This is a precursor to seeing this pandemic, not as a problem that makes us rush to raise our hands, give up and lose. We need to highly appreciate those who still maintain their optimism by continuing to struggle, making endeavors, according to the capabilities of their respective fields," he said.