A model shows off one of the creations in Indonesian fashion designer Anthony Tandiyono's fall/winter 2017/2018 collection, themed 'Sinful Light,' in Jakarta on Oct. 5. (Photo courtesy of Studio One)

'Sinful Light': New Fashion Collection by Anthony Tandiyono


OCTOBER 12, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesian fashion designer Anthony Tandiyono launched his fall/winter 2017/2018 collection, themed "Sinful Light," in Jakarta on Oct. 5.

The collection was inspired by a picture of an old lady the designer found on the internet.

"The old lady [in the picture] looks very serene and beautiful, in spite of her wrinkles," the designer said. "In fact, her wrinkles are like a record of her life's journey and life's choices between the path of the light and the path of sins."

Anthony's newest collection seems to traverse the line between those two paths.

The collection, which features 30 ready-to-wear looks for women, is an interplay between modesty and sexiness; between demure and daring.

Anthony's loose-fitting, mid-length dresses look prim and proper, if not for a diamond-shaped cutout at the midriff. His white button-down shirts are classic, save the long, narrow slits across the sleeves.

"I love to give a little peek-a-boo to my clothing items," the designer said, with a smile.

Women's comfort was foremost in Anthony's mind when designing the new collection.

"My mom and three [elder] sisters are all very busy women," he said. "I know they'd prefer clothes that would support their mobility."

Made of a combination of cotton, polyester and lyocell, Anthony's pieces are soft to the skin, breathable and resistant to wrinkles. Their relaxed silhouettes also allow a lot of room for movement for the wearers.

The designer also announced his new web store at the end of the fashion show.

A Passion for Fashion

"I've always wanted to become a fashion designer," Anthony said.

Since he was a young boy, Anthony has always loved to sketch women and their dresses.

Anthony's mom, picking up her son's keen eye for fashion, often took him along when shopping for dresses.

"She trusted me to choose [dresses] for her," the designer said.

Anthony's English teacher at Melbourne Grammar Boys School in Australia also encouraged his talent.

"She lent me her sewing machine so I could learn to sew in between classes," he said.

Anthony went on to study fashion design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and after graduating, he joined Mariana Hardwick, a renowned bridal house in Melbourne, as a beader.

"It's a very tedious job, but I love it," he said. "I learned the hard work it takes to create a really beautiful wedding dress."

The designer also worked as a sample cutter for Australia's fast-fashion label Forever New for about a year.

"I learned to work with many different fabrics there," said Anthony, who returned to Jakarta in 2014 to start his eponymous fashion label.

"I started with made-to-order dresses, before venturing out to women's ready-to-wear in 2015," he said. "Soon, I hope to create a full ready-to-wear line for both men and women."

But Anthony realizes that he still has a long way to go to achieve his ultimate dream.

"My biggest dream, as a fashion designer, is to sit in a mall someday and see my creations being worn by a lot of people," the 29-year-old designer said. "I think that would be the biggest compliment."