A still from the music video of Shanty's new single, 'Bukan Adam Hawa.' (Photo courtesy of VMC Music Entertainment)

Singer Shanty Makes Comeback With New Single


DECEMBER 16, 2015

Jakarta. Indonesian singer Shanty Paredes, better known as Shanty, recently released a new single titled "Bukan Adam Hawa" — along with its English version, "Adam and Eve" — after taking a five-year break from the music world.

Also a former VJ for MTV Indonesia, the 36-year-old musician said during a press conference on Tuesday that the song was penned by three American songwriters: Zhigsitu Tollosa, Michael Edward Snyder, Jr. and March Himmel.

Originally, the song was written for a runner-up in the television talent competition "American Idol," but later on Shanty bought the rights and enlisted the help of Andi Rianto to re-arrange it. The original English lyrics, meanwhile, were translated to Indonesian by author and singer-songwriter Dewi "Dee" Lestari.

"Actually, my husband made me decide to release two versions of this single. As the executive producer, I initially only wanted to release the Indonesian version. ... But my husband told me that it would be unfortunate if the English version was not produced as well," said Shanty, as quoted by Rolling Stone Indonesia.

"Because it's a bit hard to have the English version played in Indonesian radio stations, I ask my friend, Dee, to translate it. The tricky part is to change the point of view [in the lyrics] from a male perspective to a female one," she added.

The production of her new single took Shanty about nine months, a period of time in which she did everything from workshops and recording to music video shooting.

The official music video of "Bukan Adam Hawa," starring Shanty alongside actor Reza Rahadian as a couple, was already released on YouTube last November.