Bright and colorful collection from Shop at Velvet. (Photo courtesy of Dreya Communications)

Six Indonesian Fashion Labels Launch 'Black Panther' Inspired Collections


FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Jakarta. Disney Indonesia has collaborated with six Indonesian fashion labels to create designs inspired by Marvel Studio’s newest superhero movie, "Black Panther."

Launched at a fashion show in South Jakarta on Feb. 07, participating labels included Populo Batik, Matahari Department Store,, Monstore, Shop at Velvet and Canvas Living.

Disney Indonesia consumer products director Mochtar Sarman said the collaboration aims to bring the Black Panther experience closer to fans in Indonesia through a range of cool, quality products that are specific to local taste and preferences.

"We are always looking for creative and innovative ways to create an emotional bond with our fans. This collection is a way to provide an engaging experience for them."

In line with the color scheme of the movie, which is dominated by muted colors such as black, grey, white, charcoal and silver, labels Matahari Department Store,, Monstore and Canvas Living were unfortunately stuck with monochromatic colors for their casual style clothing.

Meanwhile, Shop at Velvet displayed a wide range of colors in its collection, inspired by a woman character from the film, Nakia, who is played by model and actress Lupita Nyong’o.

The women’s collection features loose fitting, asymmetrically cut shirts in full patterns with bright colors like green, yellow, orange and red, which Shop at Velvet combined with silk and tulle fabrics adorned with African patterns and gold necklaces.

Bright and colorful collection from Shop at Velvet. (Photo courtesy of Dreya Communications)

On the other hand, Populo Batik has added an Indonesian touch to its designs, incorporating Gunungan batik motifs, similar to clothing worn by the film's main character T’challa, the Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman.

"In our Marvel x Populo collection, we want to visualize the sense of intensity of the main character into a batik design. Visually, the movie is a perfect inspirational idea for our batik design and Gunungan pattern represents the Black Panther’s strength and protective character," Populo’s general manager Dimas Wicaksono said.

Populo's collection inspired by characters in 'Black Panther.' (Photo courtesy of Dreya Communications)

Marvel fans in Indonesia will be able to purchase the "Black Panther" collection on the designers' official websites, at brick and mortar stores and through social media.