South Sumatra Attracts Tourists Through Sriwijaya Empire


JULY 10, 2017

Jakarta. South Sumatra will hold the 26th Sriwijaya Festival at Kuto Besak Fort in Palembang on Aug. 16-20.

The event promotes the province through the heritage of Sriwijaya — the seaborn empire that from the 7th to 14th century was one of the strongest states in Southeast Asia. With its capital in Palembang, Sriwijaya dominated the region's maritime trade.

The festival will begin with open-air screenings and on the second day will move to the 18th century fort, where local culture will be presented through art performances, exhibitions and ethnic music.

Special tourism packages will be available throughout the festival, including culinary excursions, historical sightseeing and shopping tours.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said that with the strong historical appeal the festival is likely to attract foreign tourists.

"With the great history of Sriwijaya civilization, South Sumatra will attract both domestic and foreign visitors," he said in a statement on Friday (07/07).