Sophie Mark Rylance as the Big Friendly Giant in "The BFG." (Photo courtesy of Disney)

Spielberg Presents Heartwarming Fantasy in 'The BFG'


SEPTEMBER 05, 2016

Jakarta. "The BFG" tells the beloved Roald Dahl story of 10-year-old Sophie’s adventure when she meets a 24-foot creature who snatchs her and takes her to the land of the giants known as Giant Country.

This sweet and likable adaptation starts off in the cobbled streets of London and into the orphanage where we see young Sophie, played by the wondrously charming Ruby Barnhill, awake at 3 a.m. and wandering around the house; minutes before she is to be taken to Giant Country.

Sophie, who first feared being eaten by the giant whom snatched her, soon learned that she is safe with "the BFG." A giant much smaller in comparison to his other beastly friends of giants; a loner with sad eyes and expressive ears who catches dreams for a living. It’s not too long either before Sophie realized that the BFG was bullied by his beast friends, creatures with names like Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater, all of whom will not hesitate to swallow "human beans' the moment they see one.

In the extraordinary friendship that Sophie and the BFG begins to weave together, audience will get to see the bond that grew between these two misfits. "The BFG" will learn how to stand up for himself and Sophie will discover a world of whispers, secrets and dreams.

Mark Rylance’s portrayal of the BFG is a treat of its own, it is without doubt that he is the perfect choice for this part. The BFG truly comes to life in the big screen, especially through the use of live-action and performance-capture technology, that is so poignantly utilized in this movie.

The fantasy lives on until the very end and it takes away the final act just like a storybook does. The seemingly impossible scheme of trying to convince the Queen of England to help them by showing her a dream of giants snatching and eating little kids, somehow manages to translate into reality in Sophie and BFG’s favor. The scenes to come afterwards bring laughter and joy, as humans try to treat BFG as the queen’s guest at the palace.

Visually impressive and heartwarmingly close to the child in all of us, Steven Spielberg succeeded in taking us to a world of glimmering lights and magical skies, an enchanted adventure unlike any other that feels very true to the book. Right off the bat, it’s almost as if you are flipping a page of a storybook. Sophie as a character stands out in the land of archetypal heroines that you see so often in Disney movies, and it’s hard not to immediately fall in love with a story so simple and yet still captivating. Little tidbits of humor are ever-present throughout the movie, and cackles of laughter from the audience will fill the theater with the gentle kind of warmth that seems to embody the heart of our main characters.

"The BFG" will be released in Indonesia on Sept. 7.