South Sumatra is going to hold the 26th Sriwijaya Festival at the Kuto Besak Fort from Tuesday (22/08) to Aug. 28. (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism)

Sriwijaya Festival Promotes South Sumatra


AUGUST 21, 2017

Jakarta. South Sumatra's Palembang is going to hold the 26th Sriwijaya Festival at the Kuto Besak Fort from Tuesday (22/08) to Aug. 28.

According to a statement released on Monday (21/08), the festival, originally scheduled for Aug. 16-20, was postponed pending permission of Palembang Mayor Harnojoyo.

The South Sumatra tourism agency's head, Irene Camelyn Sinaga, said the festival is the third most popular event of the kind in Indonesia, and aims to promote the province through the heritage of Sriwijaya — the seaborn empire that from the 7th to 14th century was one of the strongest states in Southeast Asia.

"There's something special in this year's festival, as we're going to have a countdown for the 2018 Asian Games," she added.

Focused on maritime trade, the event will feature artists from 17 districts and cities showcasing Sriwijaya's culture and art.

The festival will feature open-air screenings, art performances, exhibitions, ethnic music and Dul Muluk parade.