Surabaya mayor Tri Rismaharini is building more museums and libraries in her city. (Antara Photo)

Surabaya to Become 'City of a Thousand Museums'

OCTOBER 17, 2018

Jakarta. Surabaya mayor Tri Rismaharini wants the city she leads – the capital of East Java and the second biggest city in Indonesia – to have so many museums that it will earn a new moniker as a "City of a Thousand Museums."

Risma spoke of her ambition during a press conference on Tuesday (16/10) in which she also said she had dreamt of building more libraries and museums in the city since she took office in 2010.

"My dream was to have at least a thousand libraries in Surabaya. And now we have 1,498 of them," Risma said.

The mayor, an architect by training who also has a master's degree in city planning, said having more libraries and museums in the city will encourage young people to learn more about the country’s history.

Risma also said she has been working with the city’s veterans to provide courses in nationalism.

As part of the classes that they teach, the veterans take young people to the city’s historical sites and explain their history.

"I've still got much to learn about them, too," Risma said.

On Sunday, Risma was awarded the Purwakalagrha medal during the 2018 Indonesia Museum Awards ceremony at the National Library in Central Jakarta.

The medal is awarded to public officials who have made significant contributions to museums and libraries in Indonesia.

Awards director and founder of Jelajah Community, Musiana Yudhawasthi, said Risma was given the award for her contributions to libraries in Surabaya.

Musiana said the mayor had told her that she wanted to transform Surabaya into a city of a thousand museums after it was given the title of a city of a thousand parks under her leadership in 2014.

Risma said the city council will work with government and private institutions to build new museums in Surabaya every year.

The mayor also revealed that the council is already working on plans to build a postal museum, a traditional food museum and an industrial museum.