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Thousands Attend Semesta Berpesta Yogyakarta Music Fest

August 7, 2023 | 9:36 am
Semesta Berpesta music festival in Yogyakarta on August 6, 2023. (B1 Photo/Chandra Adi)
Semesta Berpesta music festival in Yogyakarta on August 6, 2023. (B1 Photo/Chandra Adi)

Jakarta. Thousands of people over the weekend did not want to miss the fun at Semesta Berpesta music festival in Yogyakarta.

Top artists Rizky Febian, Yovie & Nuno and many more rocked the Semesta Berpesta stage as they performed their best hits. Performance by solo artist Raisa also left the audience in awe. The line-up also included Tri Suaka, Wawes, Nabila Taqiyyah, and Ngatmombilung. 

Rizky Febian showered the Semesta Berpesta festival with his love songs “Kesempurnaan Cinta” (‘The Perfection of Love’) and “Berpisah Itu Mudah” (‘Parting is Easy’). Raisa also sung “Could It Be” and “Mantan Terindah” (‘The Best Ex’). Kahitna kicked off their performance with “Cerita Cinta” (‘Love Story’) and “Andai Dia Tahu” (‘If Only She Knew’).

"It is really a mood booster," festival-goer Anisa told Beritasatu on the sidelines of the concert which took place at Yogyakarta’s Sapta Marga Yonif 403 grounds.


Amira, a fellow festival-goer and student, also could not contain her excitement.

"It was super fun! This is my first time watching a concert in Yogyakarta. I got to see Yovie & Nuno, Nabila Taqiyyah. I'm a huge fan of Nabila and Kahitna. My parents really like Kahitna," Amira said.

Semesta Berpesta will also be making stops in other major cities across the archipelago, namely Surabaya, Solo, Karawang, Malang, Palembang, and Jakarta. Follow @semestaberpesta on Instagram to stay updated.

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