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Three Pop Legends Release New Single and Music Trivia Game

Dhania Sarahtika
May 2, 2018 | 7:31 pm
Left to right, Glenn Fredly, Tompi and Sandhy Sondoro or Trio Lestari. (JG Photo/Dhania Sarahtika)
Left to right, Glenn Fredly, Tompi and Sandhy Sondoro or Trio Lestari. (JG Photo/Dhania Sarahtika)

Jakarta. Pop group Trio Lestari, made up of singer songwriters Glenn Fredly, Tompi and Sandhy Sondoro, released a new single called "Takdir Itu Kamu" ("My Destiny is You") on Monday (30/04) at Paviliun 28 in Jakarta. At the same time, the trio also launched a new mobile game that will test how much you really know about Indonesian music.

Trio Lestari was formed in 2011. They performed only cover songs until releasing an album called "Wangi" ("Fragrant") in 2015.

Sandhy said the group's musical style can be described as pop and soul.

Takdir Itu Kamu, released on YouTube and social media on May 2, marks the trio’s long-awaited comeback.


Glenn said they had been working on the single since November last year, but conflicting schedules led to many delays.

The song was composed by Yudhistira Arianto, had orchestral parts added by Ricky Lionardi and the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and then mastered by Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studio.

As one may have guessed from the title, Takdir Itu Kamu is a love ballad.

If you think the song sounds Glenn Fredly-esque, it's because he wrote most of the lyrics.

"Love songs never die, it's a perfect song to reacquaint ourselves with the fans," Glenn said.

Tompi said the word "destiny" can mean a lot of things.

"It can even be about who will be our president next year," he joked.

Tompi has also created a lyric video for the song. A full music video and a mini concert are in the pipeline, but dates have not been announced.

According to Tompi, the group managed to stay together for seven years by controlling their egos and making sure they get each song right instead of making sure each singer gets a spotlight.

"We never think about how much of the song each singer will get to sing. Singing in a trio doesn’t mean that each singer has to be loud," he said.

Do You Know Your Music?

The trio also launched a new mobile game called "Tebak Lagu Bersama Trio Lestari" ("Guess Which Song With Trio Lestari").

The music trivia game challenges users to guess song titles, names of singers or names of band members.

The game has been available on the Google Playstore and Apple's App Store since 2016, but had never been launched officially until Monday.

Yanu Ashari from Agate International, the game's developer, said they decided to create the game with Trio Lestari after seeing them in concert in 2016.

Yanu said the trio has been a big drawcard for the game.

Sandhy said Trio Lestari agreed to be featured in the game since it was both "interesting and educational."

The game has so far been downloaded over 40,000 times with scarce advertising or marketing.

"But when people search for Trio Lestari on the Playstore or App Store, they'll find the game,” Sandhy said.

The developer said most of the people who have downloaded the game are millennials and generation Z, or between 13 and 35 years old.

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