The launch of the 2017 Tidore Festival at the offices of the Ministry of Tourism in South Jakarta on Wednesday (05/04). (Photo courtesy of Pesona Indonesia Travel)

Tidore to Host Historical Boat Parade


APRIL 07, 2017

Jakarta. The Juanga Parade will take place in Tidore, North Maluku, on Monday (10/04) to promote the island's natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Tidore is a city, island and archipelago, located west of Halmahera. Besides being famous for its fertile soil, beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, it is also known for its historical maritime attractions.

"The boat parade commemorates the greatness of Sultan Nuku's Juanga armada, which fought against foreign colonizers. This parade will be very interesting for tourists," Husain Sjah, the sultan of Tidore, said during the launch of the festival in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The Tidore Archipelago has been famous since the Dutch colonial era for the best quality cloves and nutmeg, earning it the name "Spice Islands," which became a center for trade. In the 16th century, the Sultanate of Tidore fought against the Dutch East India Company (VOC), which sought to dominate the clove trade in the region by launching a series of raids, known as the Hongi expeditions.

"With this parade, we want to revive the fighting spirit of the Sultanate of Tidore with a contemporary approach to attract tourists," Husain said.

Around 100 Juanga boats will participate in the parade, which will navigate the waters surrounding the sultanates of Tidore and Ternate.

"All the Juanga [boats] are owned by the Tidore people," Husain said.

Participants will also perform a ritual known as Lufu Kie to commemorate the Tidore War.

The Juanga Parade forms part of the two-day Tidore Festival, which ends on Tuesday. This year's theme is "Merawat Tradisi, Mempertegas Jati Diri Bangsa Maritim" ("Preserving Tradition, Reinforcing Identity as a Maritime Nation").

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the festival should not only showcase the culture of Tidore, but also add economic value.

"This cultural event should also bring prosperity to the local community," Arief said.

The islands hosted nearly 16,000 visitors in 2016 and the local administration expects to attract 20,500 local and foreign tourists this year.