Singer Titi DJ, left, collaborated with songwriter Yovie Widianto for her new solo album. (B1 Photo/Carla Isati Octama)

Titi DJ Collaborates With Yovie Widianto on Latest Album


DECEMBER 11, 2015

Jakarta. Indonesian pop diva Titi DJ launched her new album, her 15th solo effort, on Wednesday, featuring a collaboration with songwriter Yovie Widianto.

In "Titi in Love With Yovie," the singer covers 10 of Yovie's all-time hits, starting with "Bila Kuingat" ("If I Remember"), a lovelorn ballad first performed by the band Lingua in the 1990s.

Doing double duty as the album's music director, Yovie enlisted the help of Andi Rianto and Edwin Saladin for the musical arrangement, and roped in DJ Dipha Barus to help produce the track "Satu Mimpiku" ("A Dream of Mine").

Titi said she was hopeful that her new album could be enjoyed by her devotees and music fans in general.


"I hope Yovie's fans will not be disappointed with this album. His songs are usually sung by men, but now [I'm performing them] through a female point of view," Titi said at the album's launch in Jakarta.

"Titi in Love With Yovie" is released by Music Factory Indonesia and Merah Putih Showbiz.