Nadine Chandrawinata poses in one of Galeries Lafayette Jakarta's windows before launching WWF Indonesia's #TogetherPossible campaign on Friday (25/11). (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

#TogetherPossible: WWF Campaign to Save Endangered Animals at Galeries Lafayette Jakarta


NOVEMBER 26, 2016

Jakarta. WWF Indonesia and Galeries Lafayette Jakarta have launched a new campaign to save the world's endangered animals for this Christmas season. Called #TogetherPossible, the campaign will be hosted at the French department store in Pacific Place, South Jakarta, until Dec. 25.

"#TogetherPossible is part of our global campaign to save the planet," Devy Suradji, marketing director of WWF Indonesia said in a press conference at Galeries Lafayette Jakarta yesterday (25/11).

"We cannot save the planet on our own. We have to join hands and do it together," Devy said.

For the campaign, WWF Indonesia adorns 15 window displays at the Galeries Lafayette Jakarta with sketches of some of the world's endangered animals.

These window-displays also feature QR codes, which can take you to a page on WWF's website that describes the animals and their habitats.

"We're so happy to host this campaign," Melissa Ann Tjahyadikarta, Galeries Lafayette Jakarta's marketing head, said. "As a lifestyle center, we're fully committed to educate our customers to take care of planet earth and save endangered species from extinction."

WWF Indonesia also engages Indonesian celebrities to support the campaign. Among them are actress and model Davina Veronica, singer Enriko Simangunsong, fashion designer Kleting Titis Wigati and Miss Indonesia 2005 Nadine Chandrawinata.

These celebrities will take turn every weekend until Dec. 25 to host various activities for children at the department store, including crafting, drawing and storytelling which highlight the plight of the world's endangered species.

Davina will tell a story about orangutans on Saturday, Dec. 10.

"Most of us know we have to save orangutans from extinction," the actress said. "But very few people know why it is actually crucial for humans to keep the orangutan population flourishing."

Orangutan spreads plant seeds all over the forest, unwittingly ensuring its survival.

"If the orangutan goes extinct, the forest where it lives will also struggle to survive," Davina said. "And we have to realize that the forest is our main source of food, water and oxygen."

Fashion designer Kleting will tell a story about endangered species in our ocean during her session on Saturday, Dec. 17.

"I will tell stories about the ocean and all the wonderful animals living in it," the designer said. "Kids are like sponges. They absorb stories very easily. Hopefully, they'll retell the stories to their friends and encourage them to love planet earth too."

On Sunday, Dec. 18, acapella group Jamaica Cafe and children choirs from the HKBP Suprapto Church and the GPIB Shallom Church will entertain visitors in a special event called the "Green Concert."

"We'll share our experience visiting a turtle conservation in Paloh, West Kalimantan," Enriko Simangunsong, one of the Jamaica Cafe singers, said.

Some of the celebrities have also printed T-shirts and made bracelets embellished with sketches of endangered animals to sell at the department store during the campaign.

Proceeds from the merchandise sale will go directly to WWF Indonesia to support their programs.

"Christmas has always been a moment to celebrate togetherness and give back," WWF Indonesia's Devy said. "This Christmas, let's all get together and give back to Mother Earth."