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Top 5 Places To Party In Sydney


JUNE 22, 2015

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For most of the residents in Sydney, partying is a weekly routine that has become an essential culture within the urban society. Unlike other cultures in the world that might have certain prejudice regarding partying, in Sydney, every adults are fond enough of this nightlife activity. No matter they are students, academics, businessmen, law enforcement and the hipsters of the weekend. When Friday night arrives, everyone is immediately absorbed in some of the best pubs and nightclubs in Sydney. If you are party lovers, Sydney might be the best city to channel that desire.

Sydney’s nightlife scene is as colorful and diverse as ever. Here are the "Top 5 Places To Party In Sydney” you cannot missed while in town.

1. Chinese Laundry

This place is known as the largest and longest running nightclubs in Sydney that feature best local talents and regular international hosts. This place spins the best underground sound systems from house, electro, tech, bass, and even hip-hop. This bustling nightclub has a very intimate ambience, especially the washing machines in the venue that made this place iconic.

2. Civic Underground

Formerly a cabaret and a live rock venue that launches INXS and Midnight Oil, this venue is dedicated for the classic soul of underground house with a twist of underground disco parties. This nightclub is also known for its illuminated paneled ceiling which constantly change colour and a sunken dance floor. On Friday nights, DJs will spin house and techno, while Saturday is all about disco.

3. Oxford Art Factory

Ever heard about the infamous 1960s New York Factory by Andy Warhol? Then this warehouse-like venue took the inspiration from that party scene. Oxford Art Factory serves as a cutting-edge flexible performance areas for visual art, performance art, and live music. It is regarded as one of Sydney’s busiest clubbing districts, hosting live acts, DJs with 500-capacity space that incorporates a glass cube in between the two rooms, resulting on a new dynamic experience.

4. Tokyo Sing Song

Looking for something more unconventional or rather eccentric place to party? Tokyo Sing Song is truly the best place to plunge into an offbeat entertainment as well as crazy Japanese cosplay dress party that will mess people’s head. Taking its inspiration from the Japanese Pachinko Parlour, this venue curates crazy party programs, presenting more experimental DJs and artists. Truly the best place for alternative party scene.

5. El Topo Basement

For a taste of Mexican party, El Topo Basement offers colorful charm with loud carnival vibe influenced by Latin American heritage. While enjoying a more mainstream and commercial dance music, people will be thrilled by its extensive rum collection with more than 100 sourced from Central and South America, through Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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