Tour de Flores 2017 Off to Great Start, Australian Cyclist Wins First Stage


JULY 15, 2017

Jakarta. Australian cyclist Drew Morey, from Malaysia's Terengganu Cycling Team, won the first stage of the road cycling race Tour de Flores 2017 on Friday (14/07). The number 94-shirted rider completed the 13.6-kilometer track in 3 hours, 28 minutes and 2 seconds.

Coming in second was Jamal Hibatullah from Indonesia's KFC Cycling Team, 2 seconds behind Morey, followed by Genki Yamamoto of Japan's Kinan Cycling Team, a further 10 seconds behind.

Jamal Hibatullah was also named the Best Indonesian Rider, Best ASEAN Rider and Best Asian Rider in the stage. The Best Climber trophy, awarded to the cyclist who scored the highest point during the King of the Mountain trek, was given to Wu Chih Hao from the Action Cycling Team.

The Best Sprinter was Hyengmin Choe of Geumsan Insam Cello, and the Best Team was the KFC Cycling Team.

The top three riders in the tour's general classification so far are Morey, Hibatullah and Yamamoto.

The tour’s second stage will take place on July 15 from 9 a.m., on a 142.8-kilometer trek from Maumere to Ende with 7.7 kilometers of ceremonial route.

Sikka's deputy district head, Paolus Nong Susar, expressed his delight that this year's tour will pass by his region. According to him, the event will help his administration to promote Maumere as a popular tourist destination.

"The world needs to know how beautiful Maumere Bay is. The people of Sikka are very honored to be involved in this international event. We will treat both local and foreign visitors with the utmost hospitality," Susar said.

There are 19 islands in Maumere Bay, and the sea around them is teeming with unspoiled coral reefs and many different species of fish. The bay has been crowned as one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world and is nominated for the Most Popular Diving Spot in the Anugerah Pesona Indonesia (API) award this year.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said road cycling races like the Tour de Flores 2017 are a great way to promote tourist attractions. Sports tourism attracts media attention, including international ones, and photos and videos of the places the tour goes to will be shared around on the internet.