Tourism Minister Arief Yahya speaking during the second national coordination meeting on tourism at Bidakara Hotel in South Jakarta on Thursday (18/05). (Photo courtesy of the Tourism Ministry)

Transmigration Ministry Supports Homestay Development Plan


MAY 22, 2017

Jakarta. The Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration is ready to help the Ministry of Tourism develop homestays in villages across Indonesia.

"The target to develop 20,000 homestays is not an illusion. It is not an ambitious target," Transmigration Ministry secretary general Anwar Sanusi said, as quoted in a statement issued by the Tourism Ministry on Monday (22/05).

Anwar attended the Tourism Ministry's national coordination meeting at Bidakara Hotel in South Jakarta on Thursday last week.

The Tourism Ministry previously set the target to develop 20,000 homestays across the nation to cater to tourists.

Indonesia has many villages with tourism potential, offering diverse attractions, including marine tourism and access to rivers, lakes and more.

Anwar said if the Tourism Ministry's budget can be doubled to Rp 120 trillion ($9 billion) next year, it will be possible to help fund the homestay program.

"However, we will need to work with village-owned enterprises or others to ensure that the development of homestays benefit the local economy," he said.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the collaboration must occur soon, because Indonesia's tourism target continues to surge.

"Building world-class hotels and resorts will take a long time, perhaps more than five years. However, building homestays can be done in six months," Arief said during last week's national coordination meeting.

The minister added that the development of tourist villages will primarily take place in the so-called Ten New Balis – the term used to refer to the government's 10 priority tourism destinations.