Vice President Jusuf Kalla was at the opening of the Vinski Tower, an anti-aging and beauty clinic, in Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta on Saturday (23/07). (Photo courtesy of Romauli Gultom)

Vinski Tower Offers World Class Anti-Aging, Preventive and Regenerative Treatments


JULY 29, 2016

Jakarta. Indonesian anti-aging expert and president of the World Council of Preventive Medicine (WOCPM) Dr. Deby Vinski, opened the Vinski Tower, an anti-aging and beauty clinic, in Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta on Saturday (23/07).

WOCPM is an international non-profit organization, headquartered in Paris, which promotes anti-aging, preventive and regenerative medicine and is currently in 75 countries across the world.

"Preventive medicine helps us to live longer and more joyfully. It is not only intended for beauty, but more importantly, for our health," Deby said in her opening speech.

"We also have laboratories to conduct intensive anti-aging research," Deby said.

Deby plans to collaborate with local and international experts in conducting  research.

Prominent names in attendance of the opening of Vinski Tower were Vice President Jusuf Kalla, Australian anti-aging expert and vice-president of WOCPM, Dr. Joseph Georghy and Russian gerontologist Dr. Vladimir Khavinson.

"Preventive medicine is very important in improving our life's quality, and stem cell therapy is among the latest technologies in preventive medicine. We hope the experts at Vinski Tower will continue to conduct research and collaborate with local and international experts to develop these sorts of treatments," Jusuf Kalla said.

Vinski Tower's 10-storey clinic offers a wide array of anti-aging and regenerative treatments, including autologous stem-cell transplants, hormone therapies and preventive cardiology treatments.The clinic also offers a series of beauty treatments, including face lifts, hair transplants, slimming programs and plastic surgery options.

Approximately 100 guests, consisting of Indonesian socialites and celebrities attended the opening of the clinic. Among the guests was Indonesian dangdut singer, Cici Paramida.

"It's about time that Indonesia has such world-class facility With internationally acclaimed experts and technologies at the clinic, we can now stay fit, beautiful and healthy at any age,"  the 42-year old singer said.