West Sumatra is hosting the 2017 Padang Indian Ocean Music Festival, featuring Asian classical musicians, on Dec. 8-10. (Photo Courtesy of Tourism Ministry)

West Sumatra to Host Classical Music Festival


DECEMBER 04, 2017

Jakarta. West Sumatra is hosting the 2017 Padang Indian Ocean Music Festival, featuring Asian classical musicians, on Dec. 8-10.

The festival will be held near Siti Nurbaya Bridge over the Batang Arau River.

Musicians from India, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia will participate in the festival.

“The four countries will show their best classical music,” Esthy Reko Astuti, tourism development deputy at the Ministry of Tourism, said in a statement on Monday (04/11).

India will be represented by Nikhil Patwardhan and Partha Mukherjee while Japan will send Seiki Onizuka.

“Singapore is bringing quite numerous musicians, there are Ms. Tan Su-Hui, Sophy, Ms. Tan Su-Min, Clara, and Mr. Ng Chee Yao. They are very famous in their home country,” Esthy continued.

Indonesia as a host will showcase Arastra from Bengkulu, Talago Bumi from West Sumatera, Riau Rhytm Chambers from Pekanbaru, Riau and Taufik Adam from Jakarta.