Apkasindo chairman Gulat Manurung, left, and Gapki chairman Joko Supriyono pose for a photo after a meeting in Jakarta on Tuesday. (Photo courtesy of Gapki)

Oil Palm Farmers Partner Up With Gapki

SEPTEMBER 04, 2019

Jakarta. The Indonesian Oil Palm Farmers Association, Apkasindo, has formed a partnership with the Indonesian Palm Oil Association, Gapki, to support the country's palm oil industry. The two associations met in Jakarta on Tuesday. 

The meeting was attended by senior officials from both organizations, including Gapki chairman Joko Supriyono and Apkasindo chairman Gulat Manurung. 


Gulat said the meeting represented a milestone between farmers and businesses working together to fight negative campaign against palm oil. 

He said Apkasindo and Gapki will continue to work together until the palm oil industry is no longer pressured by "various parties."

The partnership is a follow-up to an MoU signed by the two organizations in Bali in 2017. 

Gulat mentioned five important points discussed in Tuesday's meeting. First, Apkasindo members agreed to form partnerships with companies in Gapki to ensure fair prices for their products and help maintain sustainable farming practices. 

Second, companies under Gapki will periodically hold workshops to improve the farmers' skills. 

Third, both organizations will work together to challenge negative campaign against palm oil and launch a positive campaign of their own. 

Fourth, since Gapki is a staunch supporter of the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil certification, farmers under Apkasindo are expected to adhere to commitments made by Gapki. 

"The fifth point was that we planned to hold routine meetings between Apkasindo and Gapki representatives," Gulat said. 

"As part of the palm oil supply chain in Indonesia, it's only natural that Gapki and Apkasindo work hand-in-hand. We're both fighting the same fight. We need to pay attention to every part of the industry, including the farmers, the companies and the products themselves," Joko said.