12-Year-Old Girl Wins Skateboarding Bronze for Indonesia

Skateboarder Bunga Nyimas performs at the women's street event at the Jakabaring Sport City in Palembang, South Sumatra, on Wednesday (29/08). (Antara Photo/Inasgoc/Rahmad Suryadi)

By : Sheany | on 12:30 PM August 30, 2018
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Jakarta. Twelve-year-old skateboarder Bunga Nyimas on Wednesday (29/08) presented Indonesia with a bronze medal in the women's street event at the 2018 Asian Games. She dedicated the win to her mother as a birthday gift.

"This [medal] is for my mother, as a birthday gift. Today is her birthday. Happy birthday, mom," Bunga said after the competition at Jakabaring Sport City in Palembang, South Sumatra.

She scored 19.8 points and was behind Margielyn Didal of the Philippines who won gold with 30.4 points and Kaya Isa of Japan who won silver with 25.0 points.

Bunga knew she would be facing hard opponents.

"Their tricks are good, among them are the 360 kickflip and nosegrind. They are good on that, I have not mastered [the tricks]," she said.

Bunga's father, Didiet Priyo, said she spent a month training in the United States ahead of the Games.

"I only wanted to see my daughter return home safe, because this is an extreme sport," he said.

The young skateboarder, who is a junior high school student from East Jakarta, started training the action sport when she was eight years old, her father said.

"This has been an outstanding performance for Bunga as a beginner, especially compared with her opponents who are older and more experienced," Indonesia’s Skateboarding Team head coach Charlie Hobbies said, as reported by news agency Antara.

Charlie added that Indonesian female skateboarders need more support to compete at other international competitions.

Bunga and 9-year-old Aliqqa Novvery are the only two female skateboarders representing Indonesia this year.

Aliqqa, who is the youngest athlete at this year's Games, ranked sixth out of eight finalists in the women's street event, with 13.3 points.

This year marks skateboarding's debut at the Asian Games. The sport will be featured for the first time at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Indonesian skateboarders added four medals to the country's tally, with two silvers won by Sanggoe Darma Tanjung and Jason Dennis Lijnzaat, and another bronze from Pevi Putra Permana.

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