Indonesian Directors Aim for Comeback in New Horror Flick 'Jailangkung'

Rizal Mantovani, left, and Jose Purnomo on the set of 'Jailangkung.' (Photo courtesy of Screenplay Pictures)

By : Lisa Siregar | on 9:57 PM April 27, 2017
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Jakarta. Film directors Jose Purnomo and Rizal Mantovani, the duo behind the 2001 horror hit "Jelangkung," are working together on a reboot of their horror franchise titled "Jailangkung."

Rizal said in a statement that "Jailangkung," produced by Screenplay Films, features an all-new story, background and characters. It is not easy to create something entirely new, but they dug deep to explore a story and scenes that have yet to feature in modern horror pictures.

"This movie has nothing to do with the one that we did 16 years ago," he said. "Our biggest challenge is to deal with audience and their immunity to fear."

Jose said they both agreed not to continue their own franchises.

"We both have the same vision when we were offered to do 'Jailangkung.' We have so much energy for a comeback in this new film," Jose said.

Since "Jelangkung," the two directors had not worked on the same projects again. Jose continued making horror flicks such as the "Pulau Hantu" ("Island of Ghosts") series and "Rumah Kentang" ("House of Potatoes"). Rizal took on drama projects such as "5 cm" and "Supernova: Ksatria, Puteri dan Bintang Jatuh" (Supernova: The Knight, the Princess and the Falling Star), while also making scary pictures such as the "Kuntilanak" series and "Kesurupan" ("Possessed").

"Jailangkung" is currently in the last stage of filming before it goes into post production. It will open in Indonesian cinemas during the Idul Fitri holiday in June.

Screenplay Films previously produced teen flicks such as the "London Love Story" series, "Magic Hour" and "I Love You From 38,000 Feet."

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