Lukman Sardi Stars in New Role in 'Jakarta Undercover' Remake

Actors Lukman Sardi and Oka Antara in the new 'Jakarta Undercover' movie. (Screenshot from Demi Istri's YouTube Channel)

By : Diella Yasmine | on 2:54 PM January 23, 2017
Category : Life & Style, Movies

Jakarta. Actor Lukman Sardi stars in a new role in the upcoming "Jakarta Undercover," a remake of a 2007 drama of the same title that also featured Lukman.

In the 2007 film by director Lance, Lukman plays Hary, a rich man in love with a transgender person.

In the 2017 remake by Fajar Nugros, Lukman plays Jarwo, the chief editor of a magazine who abandons his morals to make it big and earn some easy money.

Jarwo supervises Pras, a journalist played by Oka Antara, who writes about Jakarta's nightlife in his spare time.

Lukman said his return to the new Jakarta Undercover movie surpassed his expectations.

"When Fajar asked me to play in his movie, I was thrilled. Especially because I get to play a totally different character [than before]," he said. "This is a movie everyone can relate to because [this stuff] actually happens in real life."

Lukman said he didn’t have any difficulty adjusting to his new role.

"I'm glad I got to work with Oka. Not only is he a good actor, he is great at establishing the bond between characters. He makes it easy for me to understand his character," Lukman said.

"In this movie, our characters share a lot of similarities though they have different ideals. That is what makes [their relationship in the film] so alive."

Jakarta Undercover opens in cinemas on Feb. 23.

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