Producer Manoj Punjabi Announces Third Habibie Movie

The cast and crew of "Rudy Habibie" posed with Bacharudin Jusuf Habibie (fifth right) and Lippo Group chairman James Riady (fourth left). (SP Photo/M Defrizal)

By : Lisa Siregar | on 9:34 AM June 28, 2016
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Jakarta. Although "Rudy Habibie" is yet to open in theaters, Manoj Punjabi said his production house MD Pictures is already planning the third Habibie movie, the film producer said in Jakarta on Friday.

"Rudy Habibie," the second installment after "Habibie & Ainun" in 2012, is set to open in at least 146 screens nationwide on Thursday, with advance tickets selling fast. Manoj said he is aiming to repeat the success of the first movie, which earned 4.5 million viewers. This may happen if the movie plays in 150 to 200 screens.

"I want to create a Habibie universe, which works just like the Marvel universe. After Habibie, next [it could be] Ainun," he said. "We did not compromise the budget this time. We have put the ad in over 2,000 TV spots. We even made a last minute decision to do the score in a studio in Los Angeles, you can notice the score is smoother than most local movies."

Manoj said he trusted his producer's instinct that "Rudy Habibie" will survive for quite some time in local theaters. 21 Cineplex has already said the cinema chain will not open Hollywood blockbusters during the two-week Eid holiday.

The market share for local film this year has reached 30 percent, compared to 20 percent last year, Catherine Keng from 21 Cineplex said at a separate event. Four of the five best selling Indonesian movies so far have earned over one million viewers. "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2" is leading with 3.6 million viewers, followed by "My Stupid Boss" with 3 million viewers and the movie still showing in theaters.

"The highest market share so far was in 2008, when it went up to 55 percent," Catherine said, as quoted by All Film Magazine.


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