Palu residents on Wednesday (03/10) were putting their plastic jerricans and bottles in line at a gas station at Kartini street due to fuel shortage after magnitude 7.4 and tsunami hit Central Sulawesi on Sept. 28 which had affected distribution of logistics. As of Monday, the government said that electricity and fuel distribution have returned to normal in Central Sulawesi. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)

Residents of Palu and Donggala Pick Up the Pieces After Last Month's Earthquake, Tsunami

OCTOBER 10, 2018

Economic activities resumed just two days after a devastating magnitude-7.4 earthquake and tsunami hit Palu, Central Sulawesi, on Sept. 28.

Merchants at Masomba Market in the heart of the provincial capital started selling whatever stock they had left, while hoping for a return to normalcy.

Tanti, 40, one of the sellers at the market, told the Jakarta Globe on Saturday that mineral water and sugar were among the commodities that were still out of stock.

Electricity, fuel and food in the worst-affected areas – Palu and Donggala – were limited until Monday this week, when the government announced that the power and fuel supplies had been restored.

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has ordered all related government institutions to work together to eliminate shortages of basic goods as soon as possible.

Palu residents queueing for gasoline at a fuel station in Jalan Kartini. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)

Loly village in Donggala district was directly impacted by the twin disasters. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)

Another view of Loly village. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)

A merchant on motorcycle selling vegetables and cooking oil. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)

Masomba Market in Palu after merchants resumed trading activities. Most of the supplies come from South Sulawesi. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)

Children asking for donations from passersby in Loly village. At least three villagers are still missing. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)

A poster on a utility pole at Talise Beach in Palu gives details of a 17-year-old girl who is still missing. (JG Photo/Telly Nathalia)