Singers Afgan and Raisa Join Forces on New Single

The cover artwork for Afgan and Raisa's new single, 'Percayalah.' (Photo courtesy of Trinity Optima Production)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 1:55 PM December 22, 2015
Category : Life & Style, Music

Jakarta. Famed Indonesian pop singers Afgansyah Reza, better known as Afgan, and Raisa Andriana introduced the music video of their new duet, “Percayalah,” or “Believe,” on Monday.

The love ballad was originally released in early November on iTunes Indonesia and slated to become the soundtrack of “London Love Story,” an Indonesian film to be released in February next year.

In the video, Afgan and Raisa star as two high school students who fall in love with one another and get reunited years later as they become professional singers.

The storyline partly echoes the singers’ real life as they went to the same high school — Raisa was Afgan’s junior at the time.

“Fifty percent of the video is based on real events. I remember how Yaya [Raisa’s nickname] has always loved singing since high school. She even performed during the prom night of my class,” Afgan said as quoted by Antara.

Meanwhile, Raisa only found out about Afgan’s singing prowess later on.

“During high school, Afgan never sang, so I never knew that he was a singer. But when we both became [professional singers], we eventually met at a backstage — and that scene made it into the music video,” she said.

“Percayalah” was written and composed in 2013, but it was only last year that the singers had the chance to record it.

“It’s been a while since we wanted to have a duet,” Afgan said. “Our musical tastes, vocals and the way we sing are almost similar.”

The single will later be included in the singers’ respective albums.

“I’m hopeful that this song will make a mark in Indonesian music duet history. I wish it will be one of the ultimate wedding songs that can resonate with all music fans,” Raisa said.

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