Indonesian National Sports Committee, or KONI, deputy chairman, K. Inugroho, left. (Photo courtesy of Indonesian Badminton Federation PBSI)

14 Athletes Suspected of Doping During PON XIX


JANUARY 11, 2017

Jakarta. The 19th National Sports Week, or PON XIX, committee announced on Monday (09/01) that 14 athletes have allegedly used performance enhancing substances while competing in September's event.

Eight of these athletes participated in bodybuilding competitions, two in shooting, one equestrian and another in powerlifting.

The two other athletes competed in the 15th National Paralympics Week, known as Peparnas XV.

"We'll call and question the relevant governing agencies," Indonesian National Sports Committee, or KONI, deputy chairman, K. Inugroho, said.

The Ministry of Sports and Indonesia's Anti-Doping Agency, or LADI, has formed a disciplinary board which will hear the matter and decide on the appropriate recourse.

"We're waiting for LADI's investigation findings and punishment. I guarantee you that an appropriate punishment will be served," Inugroho explained adding that educating athletes on the seriousness of doping should be implemented in the future.