Iraq topped the list for media deaths in 2016. (Reuters Photo)

93 Journalists, Media Workers Killed Worldwide in 2016: IFJ


JANUARY 04, 2017

Jakarta. The International Federation of Journalists has revealed 93 journalists and media personnel were killed worldwide on the job in 2016, with Iraq and Afghanistan the two deadliest countries.

Of the 93, 29 were killed in two separate aircraft incidents in Colombia and Russia.

IFJ warned against complacency and impunity, saying only 4 percent of deaths worldwide were resolved by the justice system.

“Any decrease in violence against journalist and media personnel is always welcome but these figures … leave little room for comfort and reinforce hopes for the end of the security crisis in the media sector,” IFJ president Philippe Leruth said in a written statement.

Middle East was the deadliest region in 2016 with 30 deaths, following by 28 in the Asia Pacific, 24 in Latin America, eight in Africa and three in Europe.

The watchdog said it was aware of a number of disappearances of journalists throughout the year.

"The numbers could be higher, if it weren't for lack of credible information on these missing cases and for the self-censorship by journalists in some countries to avoid drawing the unwelcome attention of crime barons," Anthony Bellanger, IFJ secretary general, added.

The organization urged on governments to investigate all forms of violence, including the killings and disappearances.

“[It should be done] in a speedy and credible manner to protect the physical integrity and professional independence of journalists,” Anthony said.

IFJ represents 600,000 members in 140 countries and annually publishes data.