Adinia Wirasti. (Photo courtesy of Adinia Wirasti)

Adinia Wirasti, Reza Rahadian Reunite as Couple in 'Critical Eleven'


DECEMBER 16, 2016

Jakarta. Last year, actors Adinia Wirasti and Reza Rahadian star in a comedy "Kapan Kawin?," or "When Will You Get Married?," in which she plays a successful woman who hires a reluctant actor as her fiancee to avoid the pressure of being single at a family gathering.

In "Critical Eleven," an upcoming adaptation of the novel by Ika Natassa, Adinia and Reza play Anya and Ale, a couple who are forced to live in a long distance marriage with Ale working on an oil rig in Mexico.

Adinia and Reza share a kiss on the film's teaser poster, sparking criticism on social media.

Reza addressed the criticism lightly as he took the stage at a gathering hosted by Legacy Pictures in Epicentrum XXI South Jakarta on Wednesday (14/12), after the company revealed the first trailer for the movie.

"Why would you even make a protest about a kiss? Are we ever going to move forward?" he said.

Adinia said "Critical Eleven" tells a story about love and loss in a young marriage and hopes she will be able to meet the expectations of fans of the novel.

"The book readers are so close to this story and they even made Twitter accounts for these characters. I hope this movie will make them happy and I also hope we can reach out to audience who have not read the book," she said.

Reza said he read the book after finishing reading the script.

"I normally don't read the books in adaptations projects. If I ever said that I did, I probably lied, because I always rely on the script. But I read this book and I loved it," he said.

Directed by Monty Tiwa, the movie is currently still filming and aims to open in cinemas in 2017.

"Critical Eleven" is the first collaboration between Legacy Pictures and Star Vision, two giants behind Indonesian box offices such as "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2," "I Love You from 38,000 Feet" and Raditya Dika movies.