Jakarta governor candidate Agus Yudhoyono promised more economic benefits for Muslims when he campaigned in North Jakarta on Saturday (29/01). (Antara Photo/Rivan Awal Lingga)

Agus Yudhoyono Promises Economic Benefits for Jakarta's Muslims


JANUARY 29, 2017

Jakarta. Jakarta governor candidate Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono promised more economic benefits for Muslims as he campaigned at the Al-Ikhwan Islamic boarding school in Cilincing, North Jakarta, on Saturday afternoon (29/01).

Speaking to hundreds of Muslims, Agus promised to make Jakarta more economically friendly for them if elected.

"I will build an economy that will make Muslims prosper in the capital. Most of the poor in Jakarta are Muslims. I'm aware of that," Agus said.

"I left the military to build Jakarta. Jakarta shouldn't be divided up for the conglomerates, it should be built for the majority, the Muslims," Agus added.

Agus also promised to provide an additional Rp 5 million per year as "assistance fund" for every Jakarta resident living below the poverty line, besides continuing with the current assistance programs, the Smart Jakarta Card and Healthy Jakarta Card.

An additional Rp 50 million will also be provided for each Muslim entrepreneur who wants to build his or her own business, Agus promised.

"This is my commitment to help poor Muslims in Jakarta," he said.

Azhari Jamal, the headmaster of the Al-Ikhwan Islamic Boarding School, said he appreciated Agus’ promises for Muslims in the city. "Agus is the only governor candidate who has made a commitment to build a better economy for the Muslims," he said.