The so-called Cikeas Coalition at former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's residence in Cikeas, West Java, on Thursday (22/09), still hours before announcing Susilo's son Agus Harimurti as their Jakarta governor pick. (Antara Photo/Risky Andrianto)

Agus Yudhoyono’s Nomination a Joke: Political Expert


SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

Jakarta. An expert on state administration law, Margarito Kamis, said the nomination of Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono – former president and Democratic Party chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s son – as Jakarta governor can quite rightly be called a joke.

"This must be a joke. SBY [Susilo's nickname] is a smart man, very meticulous in all he does. But Agus... you never even hear his name mentioned in any of the polls for the Jakarta election," Margarito said in Jakarta on Friday (23/09).

He said the so-called Cikeas Coalition, comprising the Democratic Party, the United Development Party (PPP), the National Awakening Party (PKB) and the National Mandate Party (PAN), should reconsider their decision.

"Yusril and Sandiaga would be a better match. Yusril knows SBY very well," Margarito said.

He also said SBY would not want to lose face by losing to the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle's (PDI-P) nominee — incumbent governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama — in the Jakarta gubernatorial race. If that happens, he may consider it as a personal loss to Megawati Sukarnoputri, PDI-P chairwoman and his predecessor as president.

Old corruption cases that had beset the Democratic Party, such as the Hambalang case and the Bank Century bailout case, according to Margarito, will also likely resurface after Agus’s nomination.

Things would get even worse for the Democratic Party if the State Palace throws its support behind incumbent governor Ahok.

"And if the Palace gives its support to Ahok, things might get nasty," Margarito said.

Agus Yudhoyono was today named as a Jakarta governor nominee by the Cikeas Coalition, with Jakarta's current deputy governor for tourism and culture Sylviana Murni as his running mate.

The pair emerged after a series of meetings between the leaders of the coalition's four political parties at Susilo's home in Cikeas, West Java.

Agus and Sylviana will register with the Jakarta Election Commission (KPUD) at 7.00 p.m. on Friday.