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Ahok Moved to Tears During Court Testimony

Edo Karensa
December 13, 2016 | 3:36 pm
Photo courtesy of Ahok's adoptive family member
Photo courtesy of Ahok's adoptive family member

Jakarta. Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama delivered an emotional note of objection in the first day of trial against him on Tuesday morning (13/12).

The first session at the Central Jakarta District Court temporary building featured an indictment from prosecutors as well as the defendant's note of objection.

Prosecutor Ali Mukartono accused Basuki of issuing a statement which triggered conflict, misuse and blasphemy, an alleged violation of Article 156a of the Criminal Code.

During a visit to the Pramuka Island in Jakarta's Thousand Islands district Sept. 27, the governor said nobody should manipulate the Al-Maidah 51 verse from the Koran for political gain.


A video of the incident went viral and prompted several hardline Muslim groups to report Basuki to the police for blasphemy and was used as justification for a series of mass protest rallies in the capital.

Ali argued that the governor, who is seeking for re-election in February, intentionally addressed the election by connecting it to the Al Maidah 51 verse in his remarks, adding the visit should have no relation to election.

“The defendant’s speech put the Al-Maidah 51 verse as it was used by someone else to deceive or fool the people in the local elections. Nevertheless, the defendant himself placed the Al-Maidah 51 verse as a tool to deceive and fool people in the election,” Ali said.

He added the interpretation, comprehension and implementation of the Koran holy verses are the domain of Muslims.

In his notes of objection, Basuki reiterated he has no intention to insult the ulemas (Muslim scholar) and Islam.

Basuki, who had tears in his eyes, said he was raised by a non-Muslim family and a devout-Muslim foster family so he would never insult Islam.

“I am so sad to be accused of insulting Islam since that accusation is much the same as saying that I have insulted my foster parents and brothers who I love the most,” Basuki said.

Photo courtesy of Ahok's adoptive family member

Basuki’s lawyer Sirra Prayuna said the legal process against his client ran very fast due to pressure from several mass groups, saying it was a "trial by mob."

The police declared Basuki a suspect in the blasphemy case in mid-November after two massive protest rallies led by Muslim hardliners, who accuse the Christian of Chinese descent of insulting the Koran.

Basuki's case dossier was handed over to prosecutors less than a week after he was named a suspect, with prosecutors declaring the dossier complete within only three days after receiving it from the police and handed over the case to the court that same day.

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