Cimahi Mayor Ajay Muhammad Priatna. (Photo Courtesy of Cimahi Municipal Government)

All Three Cimahi Mayors End Up as Graft Suspects


NOVEMBER 27, 2020

Jakarta. The town of Cimahi in West Java has been led by three mayors since it got a municipal status in 2002 -- all the three are now convicts or a suspect of corruption.

Ajay Muhammad Priatna was the latest Cimahi mayor to be arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commission, or KPK. He was taken into custody along with nine other people on Friday morning for allegedly taking bribe in a hospital project.

It was a second major graft bust in the last three days, after the commission apprehended Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo also for bribery allegations.

“The case is related to the construction license for a hospital. [Investigators] seized at least Rp 425 million and financial documents during the operation," KPK spokesman Ali Fikri said in a statement.

A source in the commission said the money was part of a Rp 3.2 billion ($227,000) payment commitment for the mayor.

The arrests were made during an operation in the West Java capital of Bandung, the spokesman said. He added more details about the case will be delivered in a press conference on Saturday.

Ajay, who turns 54 next month, was elected mayor in October 2017. According to the KPK website, he has an equivalent of Rp 8.1 billion in personal wealth.

Prior to his post in public office, he was known as an entrepreneur who once led the West Java branch of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI).

A member of the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), Ajay was formerly a senior member of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) in the province.

His predecessors, Itoc Tochija and wife Atty Suharti have been earlier convicted of corruption. 

Itoc was the first mayor of Cimahi after the town was awarded a municipal status in 2002. He served until 2012, when his wife won the mayoral election.

The couple were arrested in 2016 for allegedly taking Rp 500 million in bribe in a local market project . Itoc was sentenced to seven years in jail while his mayor wife got a four years’ imprisonment. Itoc died last year at the age of 68 while serving his jail term.