Ani Yudhoyono addresses the rumors in the comment column of her Instagram post featuring his eldest son Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono made dodol betawi (a traditional sweet) on Sunday (06/11).

Ani Yudhoyono Hits Back at Rumors SBY Involved in Anti-Ahok Rally


NOVEMBER 07, 2016

Jakarta. Ani Yudhoyono, wife of former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has taken to social media site Instagram to deny rumors her husband had funded Friday's (04/11) mass rally in Central Jakarta, saying the accusation is an "exception humiliation."

Ani, the country's first lady from 2004 to 2014, addressed rumors via an Instagram post featuring her eldest son and Jakarta governor candidate Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono making traditional snacks dodol Betawi on Sunday (06/11). Agus is campaigning alongside Sylviana Murni in the three-way race.

She hit back at suggests her husband had funded and supported the protest against Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama.

The rumors appeared across social media after President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said the Friday's massive protest was exploited by certain political actors, who took advantage of the situation.

“If there are some accusations SBY masterminded and funded the peaceful rally on November 4, those are not merely slander, but also an exceptional humiliation to SBY,” Ani wrote in the comment section, in reply to a commenter.

She added Yudhoyono, a retired Army general, has been committed to Indonesia since serving in the military and political positions for over 30 years.

The full comment of Ani is in the following passage:

@estikartika2410 I really appreciate your opinion. SBY  led the country for 10 years, it is not in our family’s DNA to commit any wrongdoing. If there are accusations SBY masterminded and funded the peaceful rally on November 4, they are not only slander, but also a great insult to SBY. During his 30-years in the TNI [Indonesian Military] and in the government, SBY has been dedicated to the state and nation, he is ready to give his life to defend the Republic of Indonesia. Once again, these accusations are very cruel. The God knows our deeds.”