Anies Nails Down Message for Cheap Housing Program on Campaign Trail


APRIL 03, 2017

Jakarta. Governor candidate Anies Baswedan nailed down the message of his "zero down payment" cheap housing program during a campaign event in Petojo, Central Jakarta, on Sunday (02/04).

The former education minister told residents in Petojo that most Jakarta residents are forced to rent often until old age because they cannot afford the down payment on a house — which regularly fetches at least 30 percent of a house's price.


Anies has been promising on his campaign trail that he will devise a cheap housing program that will allow Jakarta residents to buy a house in the capital with a "zero down payment."

"This is a solution we've been looking for. Getting a loan to buy a motorcycle or a car is very easy, why not make it easy to buy a house as well?" Anies said.

Anies claimed 49 percent of Jakarta's residents still do not own their own homes and that almost half of these residents live in poverty.

According to Central Statistics Agency data, Jakarta had over 10 million residents in 2015. This year, 7.2 million eligible voters will go to the ballots in the April 19 gubernatorial election.

Anies' critics have slammed his cheap housing program for being "unrealistic and misleading," especially his claim that there are still many houses available for under Rp 500 million ($38,000) in Jakarta, where house and land prices have been severely inflated for years.

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