Campaign posters that were taken down in Palu, Central Sulawesi, after this year's simultaneous legislative and presidential elections. (Antara Photo/Mohamad Hamzah)

Austrian Artist to Exhibit Campaign Posters From Indonesia's 2019 Elections


JULY 25, 2019

Jakarta. Austrian artist Karel Dudesek will hold an exhibition featuring political campaign posters and banners from this year's simultaneous legislative and presidential elections.

The exhibition will be held at Kalahan Studio in Yogyakarta between July 27 and Aug. 8, according to a statement the Jakarta Globe received on Thursday.

The exhibition with the theme, "The Collection of Transformational Works From the Indonesian 2019 Election," will showcase 96 posters and banners that illustrate how power relations are hidden behind friendly smiles, hopeful gazes and buntings full of convictions, which became everyday sights during the campaign period.

The artist uses the collection to tell stories from one banner to the next. For example, he removed the faces of political candidates from the banners, because they were involved in controversies, such as blasphemy or corruption.


Dudesek, who is also a professor of medium art, will open the exhibition with a wayang puppet show, in which he will be the dalang, or puppet master.

The campaign banners are mostly made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and take a long time to decompose. People have been repurposing them as stall tents and curtains, table runners and motorcycle covers.