Edwin, long-known as one of Indonesia's best auteurs, has surprised critics by releasing a teen drama, "Posesif." (JG Photo/Lisa Siregar)

Auteur Edwin Leaves Comfort Zone for Teen Drama 'Posesif'


JANUARY 30, 2017

Jakarta. Filmmaker Edwin, known for his critically acclaimed art-house films "Babi Buta Yang Ingin Terbang," or Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly, and "Kebun Binatang," a.k.a. Postcards From the Zoo, has left his comfort zone to helm heartthrob Adipati Dolken-led teen drama "Posesif."

"At first I thought [filming a teen drama] was going to be very different, but now I think it's more or less the same," Edwin said.

Posesif follows high school lovebirds Lala (Putri Marino) and Yudhis (Adipati) as they go through the ups and downs of their teen romance. 

"The narrative is very different to my previous films, and Posesif requires long dialogues and more shots, but it's been fun and interesting," the award-winning auteur said.

Producer Meiske Taurisia from Palari Films said Posesif was initially going to be directed by Teddy Soeriaatmadja ("Lovely Man," "Something in the Way") but after a series of conflicting schedules, she decided to give the director's seat to Edwin, a long-time collaborator.

Even so, Meiske said this does not mean that she and Edwin have left their art-house boat completely.

"Working on [Posesif] doesn't mean that Edwin and I are leaving behind our idealism. We will still be making art films that contribute to the diversity of the Indonesian film industry," she said. 

Their next project is "Seperti Rindu, Dendam Harus Dibalas Tuntas" (Love and Revenge), a film adaptation of Eka Kurniawan's novel of the same title. The film won the Busan award at the Asian Project Market at Busan International Film Festival in October last year.

"The Busan award helped us finance the pre-production, which included script development. Next, we are going to the film market in Rotterdam (Film Festival) to get funding for our production," she said.

Posesif will be released in theaters in July.