Bachtiar Karim, 59


JULY 04, 2016

Musim Mas

Plantations, chemicals

$590 million (2015) $630 million (2016)

As a major operator in the palm oil business, Bachtiar Karim has put Musim Mas on the offensive to defend itself against charges that it contributes to deforestation and carbon emissions.

He has invested heavily to ensure that his company operates in a more environmentally friendly manner.

The company has joined the Fire Free Alliance, responding to charges that the industry contributes to the fires that cause disastrous clouds of haze every year.

The company has also signed the Indonesia Palm Oil Pledge to operate without destroying the environment, as well as joining the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto that promises to reduce carbon emissions.

Bachtiar manages Musim Mas with brothers Burhan and Bahari.

The group operates the largest palm oil refinery in Medan, North Sumatra and exports 80% of its product to the international market. It is also a big player in the production of biofuels.