So-called fake news sites, or hoaxes, have become a snowballing problem for Indonesia. (Antara Photo/Wahyu Putro A.)

Bali Police Launch Anti-Hoax Unit


JANUARY 12, 2017

Jakarta. Bali Police have trained officers for the Intelligence Media Management, or IMM, unit to counter hoax news and fake stories going viral on social media, a spokesman said.

“We have the IMM officers who are capable of annulling and replacing [hoax] with real news,” Bali Police spokesman AKBP Hengky Widjaja said in Denpasar on Wednesday (11/01).

He said the establishment of IMM is part of police efforts to curb fake news would could influence the public, while Bali Police officers will monitor online activity. Both divisions come under the Bali Police public relations unit.

“Our officers may directly follow up when hoax occurs,” Hengky said.

Hengky added police will provide the public with information and education to prevent falling prey.

Those responsible for producing and publishing fake news and hoaxes will be prosecuted under the Information and Electronic Transactions Law (ITE), while those who unwittingly spread fake news will be coached by police.

Bali Police are yet to have discovered hoaxes relating to local issues.