Sunset on Kuta Beach in Bali. (Antara Photo/Fikri Yusuf)

Bali Security Guard Accused of Assault on Tourist Surrenders to Police


JANUARY 14, 2017

Jakarta. A security guard implicated in a vicious assault on a Ukrainian tourist in a club in Kuta, Bali, on Jan. 8, surrendered to police on Friday (13/01).

The security guard, Made Subawa, was included in the Bali Police's list of "most-wanted" suspects after he and three other guards allegedly beat the tourist, identified as Sarkisian Argam, and left him partially blind.

Bali Police criminal investigation unit head Comr. Reinhard Habonaran Naiggolan confirmed the suspect's surrender.

"He asked to not be punished too severely by the mobile detective team when, coincidentally, I was at the police headquarters, so we detained him there," Reinhard said.

The alleged assault took place in La Favela bar and restaurant. The other security guards were identified as I Putu Gede Septian Heriwardana, Putu Eka Nurardiawan and A.A. Ketut Agung Artawan.

They allegedly beat Argam so severely that he suffered permanent blindness in his right eye.

The doctor has yet to provide the result of a medical examination, but there are claims that the injuries are permanent, or that the victim has gone blind [in one eye], Reinhard said.

The case quickly went viral on social media after police identified and arrested the three other security guards.

"A  government representative will visit the crime scene on Monday and question the managers about administrative offenses by the café," Reinard said.