34-year-old Sumateran elephant Yani mysteriously died at the Bandung Zoo in West Java on Wednesday afternoon (11/05). (Antara Photo/Agus Bebeng)

Bandung Zoo Closed as Sumateran Elephant Dies From Neglect


MAY 12, 2016

Bandung. A 34-year-old Sumateran elephant mysteriously died at the Bandung Zoo in West Java on Wednesday afternoon (11/05). The elephant, named Yani, had lain prone on the ground for more than a week and was found dead with bruises on its body. The zoo has now been temporarily closed as officials began an investigation into the mysterious death.

West Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency head Sylvana Ratina told reporters the Sumateran elephant died at around 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

The agency will conduct an investigation and perform an autopsy on the elephant while the zoo is temporarily closed, she said.

“If they [the zoo management] reported the case to us earlier, we would've sent in our veterinarians. This is a clear case of neglect,” Sylviana said.

Bandung Zoo spokesman Sudaryo defended the zoo, saying that its own veterinarian had resigned last year and that they have not been able to find a replacement with experience in handling wild animals.

Yani the elephant, who was born and raised at the Way Kambas National Park in Lampung, was relocated to Bandung Zoo when she was 12 years old. Later, the Sumateran elephant gave birth to a baby elephant named Yamon in the zoo.

The conservation agency also plans to perform medical check-ups to all the animals in Bandung Zoo after they ascertain the cause of the elephant's death, said Sylviana.

The Bandung Zoo stands on 14 hectares of land and has more than 930 animals from 200 habitats in its collection. The zoo is operated by private firm Marga Satwa Taman Sari, which was recently criticized by Bandung mayor Ridwan Kamil for its incompetent management.

Writing by Edo Karensa