Basuki Wants Bekasi to Take Out the Trash


OCTOBER 27, 2015

Jakarta. Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama wants the capital's satellite city of Bekasi to take over waste management from Godang Tua Jaya, the private company responsible for Jakarta's trash.

“We want to discuss this with the mayor of Bekasi. We want to help the city so [the waste management fees paid by the Jakarta administration] will [instead] go to [Bekasi] coffers,” the governor said on Tuesday as quoted by Tempo.

"[The Bekasi administration] can use the [fees paid by the Jakarta administration] for health care, housing, education and so on,” Basuki added.

The proposal came after several members of the Bekasi City Council complained that Jakarta garbage trucks have been hauling in large quantities of waste well above the prescribed limit, and driving through Bekasi streets outside of permitted hours.

Basuki on Monday also proposed another option, that Jakarta build its own waste-processing facility.

Pointing fingers

Basuki deflected blame for the trash talk to Godang Tua Jaya, the company responsible for managing Jakarta's waste at the Bantargebang landfill in Bekasi. The governor has sent a warning letter to the firm, calling it "incompetent."

Godang Tua Jaya director Douglas Manurung lashed out at the governor's statement. The issue “should have been discussed privately but out of nowhere [Basuki] wants to terminate our contract [worth Rp 345 billion, or $25.4 million, per year].”

Douglas said the company would sue Jakarta for the Rp 700 billion it has invested if the contract is terminated. “We have built a compost facility and plastic recycling plant. [Jakarta] can't [unilaterally] terminate our contract. We have invested heavily in terms of technology,” the director told Tempo.

Douglas said the blame should instead be attributed to the Jakarta administration, saying the city produced double the 3,000 tons of garbage agreed on in the contract with the firm.

“We work hard 24 hours [a day] but feel unappreciated [by Basuki],” Douglas said.