The milk drink that seems to have riled a couple of people in Bekasi. (Photo courtesy of Yayasan Kita dan Buah Hati)

In Bekasi, Condom-Like Drink Accessory Causes a Buzz


JANUARY 22, 2016

Jakarta. A child rights activist in Bekasi, on the eastern outskirts of Jakarta, is all worked up over the discovery of a milk drink marketed at children that includes a condom-like balloon.

Elly Risman, the head of the NGO Yayasan Kita dan Buah Hati, said on Friday that a Bekasi-based child protection center had found the drinks being sold to children in local kindergartens and primary schools. The drinks in question come in sachets branded with popular cartoon characters, such as the Angry Birds and the characters from the Disney movie “Frozen,” and include an elongated rubber balloon that children are supposed to pour the drink into and then drink from.

Elly for some reason found this objectionable. “The targets are kids … who are innocent and lack information about snacks, especially those which contain drugs and pornography,” she said.

There appears to be nothing remotely pornographic about the drinks’ packaging or the rubber balloons, based on pictures doing the rounds on social media. There is also no indication whatsoever that the drinks contain drugs.

Elly, who purports to be a child psychologist, said the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency, or BPOM, had been alerted to the offending items, but noted it would take time to figure out how to “take action to prevent this situation in the future.”