The move is expected to strengthen the BNN. (Antara Photo/Yusuf Nugroho)

BNN Ministerial Move Supported by Law Enforcement Leaders


MARCH 12, 2016

Jakarta. Chief of National Police’s Criminal Investigations Unit, Comr. Gen. Anang Iskandar on Saturday (12/03) welcomed the government’s plan to increase the status of National Narcotics Agency (BNN) to the ministerial level.

The plan was first floated under the leadership of Comr. Gen. (ret) Gories Mere before his retirement in 2012, with little action since.

Current BNN chief Comr. Gen. Budi Waseso said President Joko Widodo has strong support for furthering the reach of the institution.

"Whatever form the BNN may take, we are still essentially doing the same duties," Waseso said at the National Police Headquarters on Friday (11/03).

Greater role of BNN

Waseso suggested the structure of the agency would be improved if it reached the ministerial level, including better facilities and equipment.

Nevertheless, the three-star general did not comment on a possible four-star promotion for him. He requested BNN improvements not be related to individual ranks.

“The most important issue is authority, coordination. We [will] have authority equal to the ministry, meaning coordination will be easier. That is the goal, not ranks,” he said.

According to Waseso, the BNN will have greater responsibility in securing and protecting Indonesians against drug abuses.