The 31st plenary meeting of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London ended on Friday. (Photo courtesy of the Transportation Ministry)

BPK Becomes International Maritime Organization's First Southeast Asian Auditor


DECEMBER 01, 2019

Jakarta. Indonesia's Supreme Audit Agency, the BPK, has been selected as the external auditor for the International Maritime Organization for 2020-2023, the first Southeast Asian agency to be granted the post.

The selection followed a successful bid by Indonesia to win a seat in the IMO board for 2020-2021.

The two announcements were made at the end of the organization's 31st plenary meeting in London on Friday.

"I received a report this morning from London that Indonesia was re-elected a C-category member of the IMO board for 2020-2021... and selected as [the organization's] external auditor. We will use these opportunities to continue developing Indonesia's maritime sector," Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said on Saturday.

A category C membership will allow Indonesia to take part in the decision-making process of the organization, Budi said.

Indonesia secured 139 votes out of 165 countries involved in the board member selection – the fifth-highest number of votes out of 24 category C candidates. A total of 10 countries have category C memberships in the IMO board.

Category A membership is given to 10 countries with large international trade fleet and capable of providing international maritime carriers. 

Category B membership is given to 10 countries deemed capable of international seaborne trade.

The Indonesian delegation at the London meeting was led by officials from the Transportation Ministry.

Meanwhile, the BPK's success came at the expense of auditors from Italy and the United Kingdom.

"Indonesia is the first Asean [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] country to get this distinction," Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said on Saturday.

BPK chairman Agung Firman Sempurna said in Jakarta the agency would hold talks with its Ghanaian counterpart before conducting a preliminary audit in early 2020.

"This is a recognition of the BPK's capacity and the result of superb diplomatic efforts," Agung said.

Indonesia has been a member of the IMO since 1961. The country was a board member in 1973-1979 and in 1983-2019.