Climate Change Special Envoy Calls for Access Reforms


OCTOBER 07, 2016

Jakarta. Rachmat Witoelar, President  Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's special envoy for climate change control, has urged for a country-wide improvement in pedestrian, cyclist and public transport access.

With more people embracing eco-friendly modes of transport, Rachmat believes that in addition to paving a greener path for Indonesia by reducing carbon emissions, pollution and traffic chaos, it also promotes an active lifestyle and improve quality of life.

“A number of cities in Indonesia have begun building infrastructure for public transportation and we should support it so other cities can adopt that too,” Rachmat said in Hong Kong on Thursday (06/10).

“Countries with high GDP [gross domestic product] levels also usually have a high level of walkability too.”

Rachmat highlighted the Green City Program, which encourages Green Transportation as a key element, as well as dedicated pathways for pedestrians, cyclists and integrated public transportation routes.

Developing sustainable mass transportation infrastructure, he said, is listed in the mid-term national development plan (RPJMN) which includes areas outside of Java to ensure equitable development and reduce imbalanced urbanization.

“The government’s programs are currently placing a focus on building train-based public transportation, not only in Java but outside of Java too,” he added.

However, the chief of the president’s working unit for climate change control said Indonesia needs to change the mindset of taking public transportation.

“We need to prepare our people to warm themselves up towards those three modes of transportation and one key is to cooperate with many stakeholders be it on the national, or international levels,” Rachmat said.