Conciliatory Talks Between KONI, KOI Hit Dead End

FEBRUARY 27, 2015

Jakarta. Efforts to settle a dispute between two national sports administrators reverted back to square one after the Indonesian Olympic Committee refused to sign a Sports Ministry agreement with the Indonesian National Sports Committee.

“After carefully going through the draft agreement, we discovered several points that failed to meet our expectations,” said Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) acting secretary general Hifni Hasan.

“First, if the KONI [National Sports Committee] insists on using the five Olympic rings for its logo, it must be approved by the International Olympic Committee.

“Second, if both organizations fail to reach an agreement, we will take the risk of [possibly receiving] administrative sanctions,” he added.

KONI would only face further complications in the future as a result of violating IOC property rights by using the five rings logo, Hifni said, adding that as the only recognized Olympic affiliate in Indonesia, only KOI would be allowed to adopt the iconic logo.

“Furthermore, the Olympic Charter forbids any Olympic committee member to form any partnerships or make any agreements with organizations involved in a problem with the IOC,” he said.

“Every move that KOI makes is supervised by the IOC. And right now, we look like we’re being uncooperative.”

Top officials from KONI and KOI met with their ministry counterparts last week in hopes to find a solution for the heated feud — which may cost Indonesia’s its status as host of the 2018 Asian Games.

However, in the meeting, KONI chairman Tono Suratman said the group refused to adopt a different logo, ultimately bringing the talks to a standstill.