Antigraft agency KPK named Constitutional Court judge Patrialis Akbar a suspect in a bribery case on Jan. 26. (Antara Photo/Muhammad Adimaja)

Constitutional Court Judge Patrialis Akbar Named Suspect in Graft Case


JANUARY 27, 2017

Jakarta. The national antigraft agency on Thursday (26/01) named Constitutional Court Judge Patrialis Akbar a suspect, after interrogation following his arrest a day earlier.

"After the questioning, the Corruption Eradication Commission [KPK] has named Constitutional Court judge P.A.K. [Patrialis Akbar] and K.M. [Kamaludin] as suspects," KPK deputy chairman Basaria Panjaitan said in a press conference on Thursday evening.

Patrialis has reportedly received $20,000 and SGD$200,000 ($140,000) in bribes, with regard to judicial review of the Law No. 41/2014 on animal farming and health, from meat importer Basuki Hariman and his secretary Ng Fenny.

Kamaludin served as their middleman.

"It is suspected that the $20,000 and SGD$200,000 payments were the third deposit, while two payments of $20,000 had been made [to Patrialis] earlier," Basaria said.

"During earlier talks [with Kamaludin and Basuki], he [Patrialis] had agreed to assist in the judicial review," Basaria added.

KPK Sting Operation

Basaria said that during a sting operation on Wednesday, KPK investigators arrested 11 people in three different places in Jakarta.

Kamaludin's partner was nabbed at a golf course in Rawamangun, East Jakarta, while Basuki, his secretary and seven other employees were arrested at one of their offices in Sunter, North Jakarta.

Around 9.30 p.m., Patrialis, former law and human rights minister, was captured at the Grand Indonesia mall with a woman identified as A.E.P.

KPK investigators have also seized financial transaction documents, currency exchange receipts and a draft of the law to be reviewed.

Basuki and Fenny have also been named suspects in the case.

"Others are still questioned as witnesses," Basaria said.

KPK Denies Conflict Between State Institutions

Meanwhile, another KPK deputy chairman, Laode Muhammad Syarif, has requested that the arrest not be perceived as a conflict between two state institutions.

The KPK and Constitutional Court are both products of the reform era; they should support each other, he said in a press conference.

"KPK did not target the Constitutional Court judges specifically, the [investigation] is purely based on the calls from the public."

Patrialis was appointed as Constitutional Court judge in July 2013, under the rule of former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.