An asymptomatic Covid-19 patient is sprayed with disinfectant before entering a hotel in Central Jakarta where he will be put under quarantine on Sept. 29, 2020. (Beritasatu Photo/Joanito de Saojoao)

Daily Number of Recovered Covid-19 Patients Hits New Record


OCTOBER 15, 2020

Jakarta. The number of cured or discharged Covid-19 patients in Indonesia set a new record on Thursday, with 5,810 recoveries for a total of 273,661, or 78 percent of the overall confirmed cases.

The previous high was 4,777 recoveries recorded two days ago.

This is also for the fourth day in a row that the number of recovered patients has beaten the daily count of new infections.

The country has recorded 4,411 new cases in the last 24 hours to take its total to 349,160. It has added more than 62,000 cases midway through the month, averaging 4,143 cases.

The number of Covid-19 deaths rose by 112 for a total of 12,268 or 18.1 percent of confirmed cases.

That means that the country still has 63,231 active cases of the virus across 34 provinces.

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Jakarta registered 1,071 cases for a total of 91,337, including 1,970 deaths. It has added 17,600 cases during the first half of the month.

The total number of Covid cases in Jakarta is more than four times its position two and a half months ago.

East Java is at a distant second with 48,161 cases, 267 more from yesterday. It reported the lowest daily death toll in two weeks with 12 more Covid-19 deaths for a total of 3,497.

East Java is the only province in the top four to see a slower growth in newly cases.

West Java added 590 more cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 29,119. It has been averaging 461 cases since Oct. 1, second only to Jakarta.

Central Java reported 472 new cases, the highest single-day rise in over a month, to take the province’s total to 27,864. With 1,550 Covid-19 deaths, Central Java has the third-highest death toll in the Indonesian outbreak after East Java and Jakarta.

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The virus is also spreading fast in Sumatra, most notably in West Sumatra and Riau where daily numbers are the highest outside the big four in Java.

West Sumatra saw another new high on Thursday, with 363 new cases for a total of 9,766. It has beaten its own record three times this month.

Unlike many other hotspots that were hit badly much earlier, West Sumatra is dealing with an influx of new patients that threatens to overwhelm its health system.

The province has around 4,200 active cases of the virus, the fourth-biggest after Jakarta, West Java and Central Java. The provincial government announced earlier hospital capacity for Covid-19 patients stood at 800, but it can be expanded by ten times.

Riau reported 181 new cases, taking its total to 10,824. It had fewer than 2,000 cases back to Sept. 1 but newly cases have since surging dramatically to pass the 10,000 mark and put the oil-rich province among the top ten of worst-affected provinces.

Riau overtook Bali in the ninth place just two days ago.

Meanwhile, East Kalimantan also has added the pace in new transmission with a total of 11,212 cases. It has almost three times the daily number in neighboring South Kalimantan (11,261 cases), which has been flattening the curve since early September.